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The Program

On May 25th, over 400 students along with their families, teachers, and stakeholders will convene at the Museum of Science and Industry to participate in a daylong engineering competition. The students are participants in Project SYNCERE's ENpowered Program at their respective schools and will come together to showcase their knowledge and skills in STEM. 

Over the previous 15-weeks, Project SYNCERE's instructors have worked with the students either during an in-school or after-school program to teach students skills in 3 key STEM areas: engineering design thinking, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. During this time, Project SYNCERE’s staff led students through a series of mini-design projects to help them develop STEM skills in preparation for the upcoming competition. Instructors utilized effective strategies in team building, communication and collaboration to ensure students learned to effectively work together to solve their design challenges. 

The Competition

The competition is where the “magic” happens. Over the previous 15-weeks, students have acquired valuable skills in STEM and now have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned in front of family, friends and supporters. The day-long STEM competition will take place on May 25th at the Museum of Science and Industry to provide students the opportunity to participate in two design challenges.  

The design challenges will test students ability to utilize engineering reasoning skills and their understanding of principles in mechanical and electrical engineering. Students will be required to work in teams to complete both challenges and will be judged accordingly. Students will have the opportunity to win prizes both at the team level and at the school level.


Our goal is to increase America's talent pool by improving STEM education for under-represented youth.  Through their participation in this comprehensive STEM competition, up to 400 students will have an increased aptitude and appreciation for the STEM fields. Our hope is that by providing students with an initial spark, they will become energized by their involvement in the program and choose to continue their pursuit of STEM knowledge by participating in other programs such as our out-of-school program, E-CADEMY. 

The goals for the competition are to:

   Increase awareness of career opportunities in STEM

   Enhance positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines

   Develop an understanding of how to utilize the engineering design process to solve problems

   Gain skills in communication, critical thinking and collaboration

   Create a pipeline of students to participate in our year-round E-CADEMY program

   Expose families to the value of STEM careers


We are looking judges from a wide array of backgrounds to help us execute the competition seamlessly. Volunteers will be utilized in the some of the following ways: judges, guides, floaters, assist with check-in/registration, set-up, clean-up, etc.. 

Please join us in leading students through this fun-filled day of STEM activities and help us bring the excitement of engineering to Chicago area students.

The event will be held in the West Pavilion of the Museum of Science and Industry.

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ENpowered Games