Wearable Electronics

Project SYNCERE recently partnered with the UIC CHANCE program to host its Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. For 11-weeks, 28 high schools students from various schools throughout the Chicagoland area, learned about entrepreneurship as they created a business plan around the wearable electronics they were tasked with designing.  

Throughout the program, students learned how to fully integrate electronics such as LED lights, sound boards, swithces and microcontrollers into various articles of clothing to create their own product. The students were also tasked with creating a marketing and business plan around their devices, which they will pitch to a "Shark Tank" style panel during the closing ceremony on April 18th.  


Embedded Circuit Design

Project SYNCERE recently partnered with Chicago State University to host its' STEM Scholars Program. For 22-weeks, 25 high schools students from various schools throughout Chicago, learned about Electrical Engineering and Computer Programming as they programmed Arduino boards to autonomously control a remote control car.

Throughout the process, students learned how to read schematic diagrams, wire bread boards and program Arduino circuits.  At the conclusion of the project, students were able to make their car move around a track autonomously using various sensors that were installed on the car.


Prosthetic Arm Design Challenge

Project SYNCERE recently partnered with the UIC CHANCE Program for their Saturday Entrepreneurship Program. Twenty-five high school students from Westinghouse, Urban Prep, Von Stuben and other Chicago area schools participated in the ten-week program on the campus of UIC.  

Students learned about key entrepreneurship principles from UIC faculty and worked with Project SYNCERE's staff to design and develop a prosthetic arm. Students also developed marketing plans for their device, which were later presented to their peers and parents. The goal of the program was to teach students about business, teamwork, perseverance, innovation and critical thinking.